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Special education in swiss, family, children, online education, school, book, internet, special edu - Educh.ch

Special education in swiss, family, children, online education, school, book, internet, special edu

Special Education in Swiss

The Educh site is devoted to the educational formations, training of adult in the social field, of specialized education, the formation on line, the centers of formation, and the formation continues, education direct, social worker, distance education, education direct, online education, special education, teacher, home school, welcome in switerland. We work in family education, and handicap section. Teacch, teach.This site presents the formations in French-speaking Switzerland and the educational technique used in this country

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Propose one day enriching with the children with a professional impassioned by nature and d?histoires envoûtantes!

Naturalist amateur and storyteller with the broad interests, Pierre-Alain Luthi is a specialized teacher who has great experience of the d?enfants groups or young adults. He can transmit to them his curiosity and his passion for the stories of nature or the tales.

Pierre-Alain Luthi puts at your service his qualities human and professional and proposes ludic and teaching animations, exit-discovery or conferences to you in particular on the following topics:


- Cock-and-bull stories (tales and metaphors)
- Night of the stars (astronomy)
- What a species of old fossil! (geology)
- Very plucked! (ornithology)
- A each one its fish (fishing)
- your fabric Weaves! (initiation Internet)


Each one of these topics can be declined at will or make l?objet d?une conference for adults (as of 8 sea-green.) For all information:

Å0900 000 143 (2.50Sfr./min.)

Before composing the number, prepare your request to ensure you a clear and fast answer. Look after the details such as desired topic, age of the participants, numbers, context, etc.

Pierre-Alain Luthi? teacher specialized with the mandate on call. (see CV).

Educational metaphors


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Educh.ch now passed on a new version asp thus do not hesitate to discover it, Educh.ch is since 1997 a site devoted to special education, with services and infos for the professionals and the amateurs of education: - Find articles and exchange councils and information on the dies of social and vocational trainings, specialized education, the work of specialized teacher, the coaching, the schools and employment in in the social field, the methods of educational interventions in the institutions and the families, the care of the children and the handicapped people. Formations, schools, university in educational field etc. This site is devoted to the educational intervention, the social formations, the search of employment in the social field in French-speaking Switzerland. You can be registered to obtain regular information, to currently know the members present on line while clicking here.

Questions, information, employment with the 0900 000 143 (2,50 sfr/min. - Switzerland only) by this number you can contact me directly for all infos on the occupation of teacher, the dies of formations, the institutions, of which you can find the addresses on line.

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This site approaches specialized education its tools, trainings, the sites, associations of specialized teachers and the schools treating of specialized education. Most significant for me is to support the communication between the various speakers of specialized education, the teachers, teachers, consultants circulating on the site. To this end you can exchange on the cat, the forum, the list educ. To enlarge the Community of the teachers and teachers working near the children.

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For your questions about an use of specialized teacher please click on this bond which will inform you Emploi in Switzerland of teacher specialized differently for papoter come to discuss on the forum in collaboration with oasis Forum specialized education . I receive much request about the formations click on this Educateur bond specialized and educational specialized formations http://www.perfectionnement.info/hi/index.htm an excellent site on the courses and formation in Quebec.

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