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InterShipCo. Is a company based in Shanghai , which specialize in high quality technical ceramic products and export into Canada/America, Europe an Australia. Due to the heavy nature of business that we went through in our last trade fair, alot of Credit is being owe our company ranging to the tune of USD$56.5 million. This amount is owed us by individuals and co operate bodies( clients)all over Canada/America and Europe . This has led us to recruit for the position of Payment Agent in your Region REQUIIREMENT FOR POSITION ARE: 1.Honest, Responsible and Dedicated . 2.Having no problem with the Authorities 3.Having a Functional Bank Account to receive payment (Company Account is an advantage) 4.Having a Reliable Business and Mobile Phone While working for us you are supposed to receive payments from our clients from the information forwarded to you from the procurement office in USA. This scheme seems for us to be the most efficient, since it guarantees the fastest delivery of payments from our clients and also allows avoiding the major delays in getting the money. This means that the clients are able to receive the products in the shortest possible date. WHAT IS YOUR INTEREST? You will get 10% commission from the whole sum of every transaction by you. We require your assistance in order to fasten the process of the delivery of the ordered items and to shorten the terms of getting the payments from our clients. Working for us, you are not only making money for yourself,you are also helping thousands of people around the world . If you would like to join our team please contact Jeremy Cornell with the following informations below: FULL NAME: CONTACT ADDRESS: TEL/FAX NUMBER: EMAIL: AGE: MARITAL STATUS: FAMILY SIZE: PRESENT EMPLOYER: OCCUPATIONAL STATUS: PRESENT INCOME: COUNTRY: So that a file will be open for you as the Company Payment Agent and your contact details will be forwarded to our clients instructing them that you are our Payment agent and that they should pay through you to us in no distant time. Thank You for your time. Jeremy Cornell Staffing/Managment Group

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45 11/10/11 dit: Merci pour le comple9ment Lucas J'avais trouve9 ce plugin mais en effet la dernie8re veriosn date de fe9vrier 2010 et entre temps WordPress e0 ree7u de nombreuses mises e0 jour alors est-ce que e7a fonctionne ou pas, je ne sais pas. Il faudrait tester. 0Cette re9ponse est utile ?

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